Frequently Asked Channel Questions

What does Global Marketing Partners do exactly?

Global Marketing Partners promotes, markets, and distributes products to as many as 50,000 resellers through our distribution partners in North America. We are the largest distribution aggregator of emerging technology products for top industry wholesalers.  We carry over 2000+ products in our Catalog to support the needs of our resellers and distribution partners in the channel.


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What does Global Marketing Partners do for IT Manufacturers?

Global buys product from our manufacturer partners, gets it placement with distributors and resellers, markets it and sells it through. 

  • Global speeds up time to market by getting faster, hassle-free product placement in the channel.
  • Global grows channel sales by focusing heavily on reseller-customer acquisition and consumer sales growth.
  • Global saves you money with more efficient and high-ROI-effective channel marketing.
  • Global takes the hassle and headaches out of selling in the channel with our high-touch and risk-protection vendor service model.
  • Global gives you unprecedented visibility about your product in the channel.  With Global’s Channel Informer on-line dashboard, know which resellers are buying which products and when and have precise inventory data on-hand.     

Which Distributors does Global work with?

Global fast-tracks products into and promotes sales through Ingram Micro USA, Ingram Micro Canada, SYNNEX, Navarre USA, and Navarre Canada.

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Which Resellers does Global work with?

We sell product and run promotions through thousands of resellers across every spectrum of the channel.  Global works with VARs / Solution providers, SMB resellers, enterprise resellers, resellers focused on vertical markets such as healthcare, gov/ed and construction.  We sell into and through brick and mortar retailers, eTailers, and Internet resellers.  Just a few of our reseller partners include CDW, Dell, Insight, PC Mall, Provantage,,, Newegg, Staples, Office Depot, OfficeMax, Tech Depot, Tiger Direct, Best Buy, Fry’s Electronics, Costco, Wal-Mart, Target, Groupon, the Home Shopping Network, Future Shop, London Drugs, The Source, LS Travel stores, Roger’s Shopping Channel and more.

Why was my company referred to Global Marketing Partners?

Distributor Referral
If you were referred to Global by a distributor, it is because:

a)    The distributor feels your product has potential in their channel or is needed by one or more of their reseller partners; and that

b)    As a vendor, you stand the best chance of success with the distributor as part of Global's aggregation program, given the additional services and protections we provide.

Reseller Referral
If you were referred to Global by a reseller, chances are, the reseller wants your product by a certain deadline and Global typically provides the most expedited distribution set-up possible. 

Why do distributors partner with Global?

We make it simple and easy for our partners. Global takes ownership of many high-touch-resource-heavy vendor services for our clients such as purchasing, inventory management, marketing, promotion, sell-through, channel education, etc.  By working with Global, wholesalers are able to expand their line cards and offer more leading-edge products from start-ups, emerging and foreign based companies to their resellers. We buy from you, they buy from us and their resellers buy from them, it’s simple and seamless.

How long has Global been in partnerships with its distributors?

Global has been running emerging vendor aggregation programs with our distribution partners for over a decade. 

Why should I consider Global as my Strategic Market Incubator?

Global creates the initial traction and market demand for your products through promotions, intelligent marketing campaigns and rapid availability to resellers by listing your products on our distribution partners’ catalogs for sale. We provide you with unique channel tools, reseller introductions and placement, and insure adequate inventory at multiple warehouses nationwide.

How do I measure ROI and my company’s success?

You can manage and measure your inventory, sell-through, market trends, and watch your product placement and movement in real time using our proprietary cloud based software; The Channel Informer 24/7 from anywhere in the world.  Contact Global’s Channel Informer specialist at (818) 713-2700 to learn about the cool features. 

Does Global just catalog my product or do you actually help me sell it?

Global is your growth-focused distribution partner. We take an active role in placing, promoting, and marketing your product to your target resellers.  For details on measuring channel success, contact a channel specialist at 818.713.2700.